This week we get in the flow, redesign computers, invert a binary tree, and build an obstacle for squirrels.
This week we look at FB's telework policy, declare 2020 the year of Linux on the desktop, watch for cows, and pay George Clooney a visit.
This week we watch The Office, balance a chair, organize cows, dodge robots, and learn how SF pronounces words.
This week we buy luxury software, copy & paste from the real world, speak truth to McKinsey, visit Dorobō, and watch Zoom Bachelorette.
This week we drink more tea, close 200+ tabs, dig into story points, go swimming in the sky, and deliver the fluffy weather report.
This week we explore our Zoom personality type, reminisce on Windows 98, capture the flag, get paid to buy oil, and refuse to go on yet another walk.
This week we make a mask, dress business quarantine, bake bread, hoard all the podcast mics, and look at these two kittens cuddling!
This week we learn about skincare Friday, dig into micro services, mow the lawn, misplace our privacy policy, fly laundry class, and create our quarant…
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