This week we get shamed by a bear, make friends along the way, scream inside our hearts, and let the market regulate itself! Also, mask up 😷
This week we have tiny wins, good and bad zips, integer overflow, dishwasher cartridges, robots with lasers, and cats dropping things.
his week we Telegram with Yaya, come out of the cave, done fucking around, we keep ourselves sharp, and watch a real estate seminar.
This week we decide how big is “big data“, start each meeting late, troll Intel and AMD, hack the ice cream machine, and put a new bezel on an old Mac.
This week we start with a unicorn and end with a goat, we talk about goalies and trolleys, we impersonate mom, and draw on the cave wall.
This week we avoid an airline disaster, get a chocolate expense fund, pay the door fee, and try to get at least one project finished.
This week we overpay for a Substack subscription, Figma becomes the new gaming platform, and we meet a criminal dog.
This week we have chill chickens, ego roosters, milkshake ducks, canal digging dogs, and good old fashioned family drama.
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