This week we get shamed by a bear, make friends along the way, scream inside our hearts, and let the market regulate itself! Also, mask up 😷
This week we discover new genders, design our own retro computer, trust but don’t verify, explore the sea shanty, and ride our bikes around town.
This week we watch a coup, Big Tech goes 180 on content moderation, we release the Roombas, and observer the perfectly rectangular month.
This week we reinvent email, weave some memories, resurrect Netscape Communicator 4.x, and create an army of craws.
This week we trade the disaster 2020 for a hopefully much better 2021 🎉 Also, dev TikTok, the Mad Max musical, a boss auto reply, and an upbeat_anxiet…
Figma Maria! This week we cover the big tech lawsuits, flaunt the reduce, regret that Peloton joke, skip the Negroni, and open the fridge.
This week we find the age of each key, write release notes for our manager, relocate to Texas, and promise to eat our cheese and drink our wine.
This week we find the midpoint to infinity, learn about the Israeli Queue algorithm, revisit 1971, fold some proteins, and eat the inkjet cartridge.
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